close up pictures of menu items including a salad, slice of pie and burger and fries

Jump Starts.

Pimento Cheese Plate
Our family recipe served with house-made pickles and crostini. 9

Spiced Georgia Nuts
Pecans and walnuts with a hint of rosemary. 6.5

Comes with a side of sour cream and black bean salsa.
Cheese 7.5, seasonal vegetable 9, chicken 10

House-Made Fries
With house-made ketchup. That’s like twice the homemade-ness! 3.5

Side Salad
A smaller version of the Farm Truck with Gorgonzola, spiced nuts, apple, red onions and choice of dressing. 5.5

Cole Slaw
Our recipe is not too sweet and not too mayoey. Yes, we just made up the word “mayoey.” 3.5

Soups: good for your soul.

Chili Non-Carne
Vegan black bean chili just like mom used to make. Cup 4.5 / Bowl 7

Soup of the Day
Ask your server about the soup. Do it! Cup 4.5 / Bowl 7

Salads: so delicious, they make cows jealous.

All dressings made in-house: balsamic vinaigrette, blue cheese, Ranch, southwestern vinaigrette, oregano red wine vinaigrette, honey mustard, Thousand Island. Extra dressing is .50.

Farm Truck
Spiced nuts, Gorgonzola, apple, balsamic caramelized onions, dried
cranberries and balsamic vinaigrette. 9.5

Papa’s Salad
Warm roasted potatoes, ham, Gorgonzola and cheddar cheeses, topped with a sunny-side up egg and dressed in oregano red wine vinaigrette. 12.5

El Camino
Is it a car, or is it a truck? No! It’s a happenin’ salad. Corn and black bean salsa, tortilla points, avocado, sour cream, cilantro, shredded cheddar and southwestern vinaigrette. 10.5

Green Greek
Feta, olives, banana and bell peppers, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber, flat-leaf parsley and oregano red wine vinaigrette. 9.5

Side Salad
A smaller portion of the Farm Truck with Gorgonzola, spiced nuts, apple, red onions and choice of dressing. 5.5

Add Humane-Certified chicken breast, veggie patty† or, heck, even a burger* to any salad  5.5


Take meat*—1/3 lb Grass-fed all-natural beef, grilled Humane-Certified chicken breast or homemade veggie patty† (OK, that’s not really meat at all)—and put it on a bun. Burgers come with choice of fries or slaw—OR—a side salad, cup of soup or vegan chili for 2 bucks more (totally worth it). Mayo or Dijon on request. Substitute a gluten-free bun for $2.
Our grass-fed beef burgers* can be ordered: bloody (red center), cooked (pink center; recommended), burnt (not even pink)

Green Truck Classic
Plain and simple as an old truck: lettuce, tomato, onion and our house-made pickle. 9.5
Add cheese: provolone, Swiss, cheddar, American, Gorgonzola, goat, feta, pimento 1

The Lone Star
We introduced a bacon cheeseburger to our housemade chipotle BBQ sauce, added some jalapenos and rode off in to the sunset together. 13

Goat cheese, balsamic caramelized onions, roasted red peppers and fresh basil. 12

This gem has sauteed mushrooms, onions and provolone. 11.5

The Whole Farm
You ever put bacon and cheddar AND a fried freaking egg on a burger? We did and it’s delicious. 14.5

Trailer Park
Our family recipe pimento cheese, bacon (!), tomato and onion. 12.5

El Jefe
Cheddar, black bean and corn salsa, avocado and jalapenos. 13

Hot Rod
Take a Classic. Pimp it out with cheese and bacon. 12.5

Hot Rod Deluxe
As if bacon and cheese weren’t enough, we shove some sauteed mushrooms and onions on top. 13.5

The Blue Ribbon
We top it with griddled ham, Swiss, Dijon and pickles. 13.5

Greek Style
Feta, olive tapenade, banana peppers, lettuce, tomato, onion and cucumber slices. 12

Sandwiches: when a burger is not what you want.

Served with choice of fries, slaw—OR—Switch it up with a cup of soup, vegan chili or a side salad for 2 bucks more. Did we mention the house-made dressings?

Chicken & Apples
Grilled Humane-Certified chicken breast with Dijon, thinly sliced apple, provolone, onions, Ranch and the most unoriginal name on the menu. 11.5

Mighty Veg
Meat-free deliciousness starting with our house-made veggie patty† topped with Chili Non-Carne, banana peppers and red onion. 10.5

California BLT
Bacon makes it good, avocado makes it rock. Then we add house-made Ranch and serve it on toasted wheat. 12

Hot Ham & Swiss
Not your daddy’s ham and swiss. This has banana peppers, romaine, onions, mayo, oil and vinegar on baguette. 11.5

Veggie Reuben
We introduced our veggie patty to some Swiss, kraut, Thousand Island and rye, and they’ve been best friends ever since. 11.5

Adult’s Grilled Cheese
Nothing too racy, just a full-sized version of the kid’s menu best-seller. Choose from our assortment of cheeses: Swiss, provolone, cheddar or American cheese and put it between two slices of sourdough, whole wheat or rye. 8.5
Add sliced tomato .50
Add bacon 2

Pimento Cheese
Our family recipe, now with mustard, lettuce and tomato. 9.5
Add bacon if you dare!  2


Fountain Drinks 2.25
Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Pibb, Fanta Grape, Fanta Orange, Sprite

Montane Sparkling Georgia Spring Water 2.25
Meyer Lemon Honeysuckle

Mexican Coke 3
12oz longnecks made with real cane sugar

Organic Milk 3.25

Red Hare Root Beer 3
12oz can

Reed’s Ginger Brew 3.5
12oz bottle

Sweet, Unsweet, or Hot Tea 2.25

Locally Roasted PERC Coffee 2.25

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee 3.5/5
On draft from PERC Coffee

Lemonade, Fresh Squeezed Daily 3.25 Refills cost 1.5

Arnold Palmer 2.75 Refills cost 1
Made with fresh squeezed lemonade

Beer and Wine.

Our beer and wine list changes daily with more than 30 bottled beers, 6 on tap, and a selection of wines available by the bottle and glass.


Remember to ask your server for today’s selection made in-house or by our local partners.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

†Allergy Advisory: Our house-made veggie patty contains soy, nuts, gluten, sesame seeds and onion. It does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Please consult your server prior to placing your order if you have any life-threatening allergies.

For parties of 6 or more guests, a 20% gratuity will be added.